All mini boards measure 10cm x 10cm and so a standard set of 9 comes to just over 30cm x 30cm to include the spacing. These are put to a backboard of 40cm x 40cm or 16inches x 16inches.


The unframed option : your artwork comes on a backboard to fit a 16inch x 16inch frame.


The framed option : the frames we provide are 16inch x 16inch and come in white as standard, please contact us for different options.


The art board used is recycled board which would otherwise have been thrown away.


Packaging is recycled and can be recycled again.



Each canvas or board is 10cm by 10cm, overall creating a piece that measures just over 30cm by 30cm to include the spacing. If you choose the framed option, the frames we provide will measure 47cm by 47cm as the overall size. The frames come in white as standard, if you would like another colour please contact us to see our options.

Paints used are non-toxic and made from 99% natural materials, water based and solvent free.

Packaging is recycled and can be recycled again.